Prague Conference on Behavioral Sciences

Mar 22, 2021 – Mar 23, 2021


Prague Conference on Behavioral Sciences connects decision-making researchers and practitioners from various fields such as economics, psychology, evolutionary biology, or anthropology. The main objective of the conference is to provide a platform to critically assess both new and well-established findings. We believe that only accurate theory and transparent methodology can translate into theoretical advancements and functional real-world applications.

Allais Memorial Prize in Behavioral Sciences

Maurice Allais was a French economist, the 1988 winner of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics for his pioneering contributions to the theory of markets and efficient utilization of resources. He was responsible for early work in Behavioral economics, which in the US is generally attributed to Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky. As such, he is perceived as one of the first pioneers of the field.

Prague Conference on Behavioral Sciences, with the kind permission of and in coperation with Fondation Maurice Allais (France), awards an annual Allais Memorial Prize in Behavioral Sciences. This prize is being awarded for a contribution to the field of behavioral science.


– Gerd Gigerenzer (2019)

– Vernon L. Smith (2018)

– Bart J. Wilson (2017)



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