Prague Conference on Behavioral Sciences 2022

May 20, 2022


Prague Conference on Behavioral Sciences accepts abstracts on experimental research of human decision-making, mainly in economics and psychology. However, abstracts from other behavioral sciences are also welcomed. The conference runs in a hybrid form which means that you can attend it either face-to-face or online.

The PCBS runs from 2017 when we also first awarded (in cooperation with Fondation Maurice Allais) the Allais Memorial Prize in Behavioral Sciences for a contribution to the field of behavioral science. The laureates were Bart J. Wilson (2017), Vernon L. Smith (2018), and Gerd Gigerenzer (2019). In the covid years (20-21), the conference ran online, and the prize was not awarded.

Accepted papers:

Behavioral Public Policy and Objective Wellbeing: Towards a Normative Demarcation of Nudges and Sludges

(Alejandro Hortal)

Behavioral Public Policy in Vaccine Hesitancy: Nudges as a Promising Path to Herd Immunity

(Alejandro Hortal)

Competition for Loyal Customers with Dynamic Spillovers: An Experiment

(Alexander Usvitskiy)

Developing Healthy Eating Behavior at Early Age: An Experimental Study in UAE

(Khusrav Gaibulloev)

Does Framing Affect the Willingness to Pay for Consumption Goods in Realistic Shopping Settings?
Magdalena Brzozowicz)

Financial Risk or Financial Uncertainty? The Brain and Body Differentiate Between the Two

(Urša Ferjančič)

Gender Differences in Earnings Expectations and Their Role for Major Choice
(Katharina Adler)

Historical Responsibility Drives the Division of Climate Change Mitigation Costs

(Alessandro Del Ponte)

I Don't Like It Because You Do: Partisan Bias in the Perception of Politicians and Public Policy Acceptance
Artsiom Klunin)

Insensitivity to the Top 1%'s Income
(Barnabas Szaszi)

Lying for Money: An Experiment on Religion Followers

(Bilal Kchouri)

Nudges and Compensation: Evaluating Experimental Evidence on Controlling Rice Straw Burning

(Ajalavat Viriyavipart)

Overconfidence: Are People Careless or Do They Just Care Less?

(Vojtěch Zíka, Dustin Tracy)

Participation in Public Polls: Does Nudge Help?

(Libor Pacovský, Vojtěch Zíka)

Positional Concerns Regarding Consumer Choices

(Kármen Kovács)

Self-Selection and Good Governance

(Zhanar Ashikbayeva)

Slogan Phonetics: Nudging Brains to Remember with Ease

(Stefanos Stasinopoulos)

Strategic Compliance in Inspection Games: Evidence from Lab

(Omer F. Baris)

The Economic and Environmental Effects of Infrastructure Improvements: Evidence from Pakistan's Electricity Sector

(Javed Younas)

Unemployment and Job Seekers' Behavior: Evidence from the United Kingdom
Chiraz Bejaoui)

Unlearning Investment Biases

(Moritz Mosenhauer)

Who is Nudgeable? Financial Scarcity as a Moderating Factor in a Norm-Nudge's Impact on Financial Decisions

(Pattrapa Vejpattarasiri)

Zero-Price and Consumer Decision Process – An Observation of Consumer Archetypes in Mobile Subscriptions
Barsha Saha)


Urs Fischbacher

University of Konstanz

Jan Hausfeld

Amsterdam School of Economics



The conference takes place on the premises of the co-organizer and academic partner, the University of New York in Prague (UNYP), located at address Londýnská 41, Prague. The venue is within walking distance from the city center.


All fees include coffee breaks with various refreshments, lunch at a nearby restaurant, and a farewell dinner.


We organize a get-to-know-you dinner on the evening before the conference (May 19). The dinner is not included in the fee.


We recommend you book your accommodation in the area surrounding the venue. The venue is also accessible by public transportation (metro lines A and C, tram lines 6, 10, 11, 16, 22).



349.00 EUR


The fee includes a presentation of one paper, coffee breaks, lunch, and farewell dinner.

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The fee includes coffee breaks, lunch, and farewell dinner.

Discounts *

Student: -100 EUR
Online only: -50 EUR
* discounts can be applied at checkout.

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