Prague Conference on Behavioral Sciences 2023

Oct 12, 2023


Prague Conference on Behavioral Sciences accepts abstracts on experimental research of human decision-making, mainly in economics and psychology. However, abstracts from other behavioral sciences are also welcomed. The conference runs in a hybrid form, meaning you can attend it face-to-face or online.

The PCBS has run since 2017, when we also first awarded (in cooperation with Fondation Maurice Allais) the Allais Memorial Prize in Behavioral Sciences for a contribution to the field of behavioral science. The laureates were Bart J. Wilson (2017), Vernon L. Smith (2018), Gerd Gigerenzer (2019), and Urs Fischbacher (2022). The conference ran online in the covid years (20-21), and the prize was not awarded.

Catherine Eckel is the 2023 keynote speaker and Allais Memorial Prize in Behavioral Sciences laureate.

Accepted talks:

Bhattacharyya, Shubhaa: An Experimental Approach Towards Correcting Behavioural Biases in Screen Time Use

• Bosman, Rinet: Behavioural Design in Practice: Insights from Global Practitioners

• Calandria, Rene: Immigration and the Threat to Identity

• Dykstra, Holly: The Buy-In Effect: When Increasing Initial Effort Motivates Behavioral Follow-Through

• Ertl, Antal: Clusters of Economic Preferences: Evidence from a Large-Scale Classroom Experiment

• Ferrara, Paolo Lorenzo: Opportunity Recognition for Sustainable Entrepreneurship: A Field Experiment Investigation

• Gómez-Martínez, Francisco: Measuring Intrinsic Preferences for Power: A Survey Within and Across Cultures

• Hadera, Amanuel: Risk and Ambiguity Aversion: Incentives or Disincentives for Adoption of Improved Agricultural
Land Management Practices?

• Hortal, Alejandro: Can Behavioral Interventions in Public Policy Affect People’s Morality? The Case for Virtue Nudges

• Kotrba, Vojtěch: Excelling Under Pressure in Mixed Martial Arts

• Laníková, Sára: Framing Effect and the Expected Utility Theory: Lottery-Choice Experiment

• Röhrich, Martin: People’s Behaviour Under Pressure and in Peak Performance Situations

• Rybinski, Aleksander: Signalling Theory and Performative Behaviour: A Sociological Inquiry
• Van Koten, Silvester: How to Prevent Default by Winners in Procurement Auctions? Theory, Simulations and

• Victor, Vijay: Effectiveness of Behavioural Nudges on Dietary Intake of Pregnant Women in Karnataka, India

• Yang, Stephen: Predictive Patentomics: Forecasting Innovation Success and Valuation with ChatGPT


Catherine Eckel

Texas A&M University
United States of America



The conference takes place on the premises of the co-organizer and academic partner, the University of New York in Prague (UNYP), located at address Londýnská 41, Prague. The venue is within walking distance from the city center.


All fees include coffee breaks with various refreshments, lunch at a nearby restaurant, and a farewell dinner.


You can connect with other participants during joint lunch and dinner. Also, we organize a get-to-know-you dinner on the evening before the conference (this dinner is not included in the fee).


We recommend you book your accommodation in the area surrounding the venue. The venue is also accessible by public transport (metro lines A and C, and several tram lines).


PCBS 2023

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The fee includes a presentation of one paper, coffee breaks, lunch, and a farewell dinner.

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