CEBEX Summer School on Behavioral Sciences 2023

Jul 24, 2023 – Aug 4, 2023



Since 2017, CEBEX Summer School on Behavioral Sciences has offered intensive ECTS summer courses for beginners and advanced learners. Our venue, located just around the corner from the Prague city center, provides a unique opportunity to explore the beauties of the Czech Republic's capital from various perspectives. In addition, we pride ourselves on having a laid-back international faculty that often joins the out-of-school networking activities we organize for our students. Until now, more than 170 students from around 50 countries and 60 universities worldwide completed our courses and enjoyed long summer evenings with a drink in hand and a smile on their faces. So are you ready to join the club?

Brand new course on experiment-making

CSS23 brings you a brand new course focused on designing and evaluating experiments. The full-experience course lasts 12 days (with two free days included) and is divided into three independent blocks:

Block A takes three days (July 24–26) and teaches you the basics of programming in R, free statistical software used by many researchers. The block ends with a workshop in which you can work on collected data under the supervision of your lecturer. In total, this block has 18 hours of classes.

Block B takes two days (July 28–29) and gives you a basic theoretical overview of a selected field (Behavioral Public PolicyBehavioral and Experimental Economics, or Evolutionary Behavioral Economics) and allows you to develop a research topic that you will use later in the course. In total, this block has 12 hours of classes.

Block C takes five days (July 31 – August 4) and walks you through the basic methodology of experimental research, teaches you how to use an online tool to develop and run your experiment, and shows you the basic overview of statistical methods you can use to evaluate and present the collected data. In total, this block has 25 hours of classes.

We designed the program so that you can attend the full-experience course as a whole or only the blocks that best suit your needs. For instance, if you are a bachelor interested in research (or you want to prepare for writing your thesis), you are definitely able to take the full-experience program. On the other hand, if you are a doctorate student already having your research topic, you can only attend Block A and C. Should you need more information on what blocks of the program to choose, contact us using the form below.

We also run online

If you cannot, for various reasons, travel to Prague, we offer you the opportunity to attend the program online. A 10% discount applies to all online courses.

Cannot attend face-to-face due to the covid-19 related problems?

Suppose you select the face-to-face course, but you will not be able to come due to the covid-19 associated issues (such as quarantine or travel restrictions). In that case, you can take the course online with a 10% discount or attend the class next year. In individual cases, it is also possible to refund the admission fee (see the FAQ).



The summer school takes place on the premises of the co-organizer and academic partner, the University of New York in Prague (UNYP), located at address Londýnská 41, Prague. The venue is within walking distance from the city center.


Coffee breaks with various refreshments are available between the lectures. The fee also includes lunch and dinner for each day of your stay.


Build new friendships with people from different parts of the world and network with lecturers! Every day's evening program makes socializing even easier – you can look forward to the Vltava riverboat trip, beach volleyball, geolocation games, a walking tour to Petřín hill, or a farewell party on the last evening.


The fee does not include housing, but you can book a hotel nearby the venue for a discounted price. Also, if you would like to share a room, we will connect you with another student with similar preferences. For your maximal comfort and summer school experience, we advise you not to book your accommodation elsewhere and stay at the summer school hotel.


Full Experience

1390 EUR
until February 28th only
1190 EUR


The price includes access to all lectures, study materials, and in case of face-to-face version, also coffee breaks, lunches & dinners, and social events.

Discounts *

Without Block A: -270 EUR
Without Block B: -180 EUR
Without Block C: -380 EUR
Online Only: -20 %
* discounts can be applied at checkout.

FAQ & Contact

We've put together a list of frequently asked questions. If you can not find what you are looking for, shoot us a message.
  • Yes. You will get a certificate of attendance. Also, if you meet all requirements, you will get an ECTS transcript of records.

  • Yes. We can send you the letter (original or PDF) after we receive your payment. If your visa application will be rejected, we will send you your money back.

  • In Prague it is Central European Time, so if you will participate online, consider the time difference (depending on the country you are in).

  • All payments are final. You can, however, request a refund. All such requests will be considered individually. The full-fee refund is typically approved for severe reasons such as health issues (e.g., quarantine or hospitalization) or family reasons (e.g., funeral). In any case, you need to provide us with an official documents supporting your claim.

  • If you cannot attend face-to-face because of being Covid-19 positive or because of travel restrictions, there are two options you can choose from.

    1) We will send you all your money back.

    2) You will attend online and we will send you the difference between the face-to-face fee and the online fee.

    Regarding the Covid-19, you need to provide us with an official document of a positive test result.

  • Yes, students from low income and lower-middle income countries can apply for the IAREP fellowship to attend online. For more information please visit:

    Also, if you want to attend face-to-face, we provide a partial fee reduction to applicants coming from low-income and lower-middle income economies. Please contact us.

    1. You can find them in your proforma invoice.

    2. After registering and filling in your profile, go to "Dashboard", click "Show" in the respective order, and then click "Get a proforma invoice".
  • Proforma invoice - After registering and filling in your profile, go to "Dashboard", click "Show" in the respective order, and then click "Get a proforma invoice".

    Invoice - Once the event is finished, go to "Dashboard", click "Show" in the respective order, and then click "Invoice".

  • In order to get ECTS credits, you will need to pass final exams (each block has its own exam) and submit a research paper (only for block B). You will get grades for that.

    The ECTS credits will be issued by our partner University of New York in Prague.