Alessandra Cassar

Alessandra Cassar is a professor at the Department of Economics of the University of San Francisco, where she has taught since 2003. Before that, she acquired a Ph.D. in International Economics at the University of California, Santa Cruz. In her research, she focuses, among other things, mainly on laboratory and field experiments, origins of preferences and their role in development, gender and female empowerment or effects of wars and natural disasters on behavior. She is also appointed as a Research Affiliate at Economic Science Institute of Chapman University,  the Director of Econ Lab Without Borders and a Member of the Executive Committee of the Economic Science Association (ESA). In 2004, she co-authored a book ‘Economics Lab: An Intensive Course in Experimental Economics’. Currently she’s working on several publications including ‘Effects of Quality Health Care and Support Networks on Maternal and Children Outcomes in Uganda’ and ‘Cooperation and Competition in Monogamous and Polygynous Households: Experimental Evidence from Sierra Leone’.