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Adam Oliver (LSE, United Kingdom)

Adam Oliver is a Reader in the Department of Social Policy. He teaches a range of health policy and health economic-related topics, and his principal research interests focus upon behavioural economics and its applications to public and private policy making.

Behavioral Economics and Customers’ Decisions at Energy Market

Financial planning is undoubtedly a useful tool to enhance an efficiency of both market sides and thus efficiency of the whole market. However, it is essential to realize that planning can fail in the face of a reliance on a neoclassical cost-benefit analysis while ignoring findings of the behavioral economics. Electricity markets, where despite recent […]

Justine effect: Punishment of the unduly self-sacrificing cooperative individuals

Allowing players to punish their opponents in Public Goods Game sustains cooperation within a group and thus brings advantage to the cooperative individuals. However, the possibility of punishment of the co-players can result in antisocial punishment, the punishment of those players who contribute the most in the group. To better understand why antisocial punishment exists, […]

Time Preferences in the Perspective of Cognitive Neurosciences

An application of findings of cognitive science and neuroscience revealing function of brain processes can already introduce analytical tools for estimating human behavior in real environment. This paper reviews research of neural correlates of intertemporal decision making. The results show that intertemporal decision-making is not an integral phenomena as implied by the exponential discounting model, […]