CEBEX Summer School on Behavioral Sciences will be online in 2020!

We are excited to invite you to the CEBEX Summer School on Behavioral Sciences 2020! Of course, due to the current coronavirus crisis, it is impossible to meet in Prague as we do every year and that’s why we are taking to the online world this year. 

We have worked hard to ensure that the level of the online courses will be sufficient to replace the real-life experience. We have prepared a total of six courses which are planned to be delivered by lecturers from all over the world. Moreover, the completion of each course will be rewarded by ETCS credits, which can be really useful during these times of disrupted semesters and sometimes confused online lecturing.

On our CEBEX Summer School website, you can find all the information about individual courses, lecturers and admission fees, which were reduced this year to compensate for the online form. There will also be possibilities to obtain free admissions via various competitions and stipends, which we will introduce soon.


It is difficult to foresee the future but it seems it might be possible for citizens of some countries to travel to the Czech Republic in July. We have decided to provide students from these countries with the possibility to come to Prague and enjoy the summer school in a semi-online mode. What does it mean? We will prepare all events and catering as if the program runs offline, however, some lectures will be held online (you would sit in a room, the lecturer would teach online and we would mediate the contact with the lecturer).

How to apply for the semi-online course? Register for the online course here and we will inform you 4-6 weeks prior to the summer school if it will be possible to come to Prague.