Lecture at IES: Behavioral Public Policy

On Tuesday April 25th at 18:30, Vojtěch Zíka will give a lecture at the Institute for Economic Studies of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the Charles University. He will introduce the students to the topic of Behavioral Economics, but especially to the behavioral apporach to policy making. This topic is often neglected by public entitites wherefore impracticable measures and laws are designed.

For more information, head to the facebook event of a student society e-klub.

Use of behavioral economics? Vojtěch Zíka as a panellist in a debate

On Tuesday March 21 on the premises of the University of Economics, Vojtěch Zíka has taken a part in a panel discussion on the topic of Use of Behavioral Economics. Thereby he has accepted an invitation by a student organisation RethinkingEconomics.cz to clarify to students the future bearing of this developing field alongside Lukáš Tóth from Behavio.

If you are interested in the topic, do not miss out on a conference we organize on the topic of Modern Policy Making. For more information, head to www.pcbs.cz or to our facebook event.

Vojtěch Zíka for zonky.cz: We hate changes. That’s why we keep throwing money down the drain

Is it natural for us not to make changes? Why is decision making so hard? How does our community or a system of rewards influence us? Vojtěch Zíka has answered not only these questions in an interview for zonky.cz, in which he has mentioned what mistakes every one of us makes in everyday decisions as well as in important choices such as what bank to use. He has used a number of examples from practice along with findings gained through the experimental approach to psychology and economics.

You can read the entire interview at this link.

CEBEX at the conference Hopes and Expectations

On March 20th 2017, the Center for Behavioral Experiments has taken part in the conference Hopes and Expectations, which is dedicated to establishing the topics of election programs of center-right political parties in the field of health care and social policy.

Vojtěch Zíka has introduced the concept of behaviorally informed public policies as well as their examples which have been successfully implemented abroad.

The conference has been held on March 20th 2017 on the premises of the CEVRO Institute. All information including the program can be found on its facebook page.

Official poster of the PCBS2017

We have published the official poter of the Prague Conference on Behavioral Sciences 2017. The poster introduces the main speakers, which will give a talk on Friday April 28 at 6 p.m. The Friday part fo the Conference is open to the general public free of charge – if you want to secure your seat, register now.

The poster in printing quality is available for dowloading at this link. If you are interested in promoting the Conference through your institution and thus help promote behavioral sciences in the Czech Republic and abroad, please let us know and we may provide you with prints of the posters. Thank you!

Petr Houdek in dennikn.sk: We don´t live in a selfish world

Petr Houdek has been interviewed by the dennikn.sk server speaking about whether or not people are rather selfish or they try to cooperate. This conclusion has been reached based on an experiment on which more than 20 laboratories around the world including the Center for Behavioral Sciences collaborated. The results have been published in the Perspectives on Psychological Science journal.

To read the entire article, follow this link: https://dennikn.sk/701801/cesky-vedec-nezijeme-vo-svete-sebcov-ktori-druhym-pomahaju-iba-vtedy-ked-sa-im-to-vyplati/